Activities & Life Enrichment

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Windham Terrace offers a full program of community activities, providing the perfect opportunity to build new friendships and cultivate interests and hobbies. With the input of residents, we offer a variety of social, educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities to appeal to a broad range of interests. Offerings may include:


Entertainment and Outings

  • In-house music, arts, entertainment and movies
  • Outings to theater, musical events, movies, museums, galleries, antique shows, car shows, restaurants, shopping, scenic drives, picnics, sports events and more


Social Events and Parties

  • Social and cocktail hours
  • Afternoon teas
  • Holiday parties, theme parties, and barbeques
  • Visits by friends, family, volunteers, and schoolchildren


Games, Classes, Clubs and Hobbies

  • Cards, bingo, puzzles, and other games
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Gardening, flower arranging
  • Clubs reflecting resident interests (e.g., men's club, book club)
  • Sports-related gatherings (e.g., Superbowl)


Intellectual and Educational Pursuits

  • Lectures and readings
  • Current events and morning news chat
  • Trivia and brain aerobics
  • Lending library, including large font books and books on tape
  • Computers, iPads and training


Fitness and Wellness Programs

  • Exercise classes to build strength, flexibility, and balance; Walking; Yoga; Tai Chi; Pilates
  • Wii games to promote physical and social activity, such as Wii bowling
  • Athletically inclined residents may request outings for favored activities such as swimming, bowling, golf or dance.
  • Music Therapy
  • Pet Therapy


Spiritual Enrichment

  • Religious services and celebrations
  • Visits by clergy



  • Residents committees help plan activities and menus and welcome new residents.


Calendar of Activities & Events

Windham NH senior living activities

We offer a full calendar of activities and events filled with opportunities to enjoy life. To help residents, friends and families stay engaged in community life, our calendars are available online, on paper, on common area display monitors, and on resident TV sets (upon tuning to our own cable channel).

We invite you to view our current Monthly Activities Calendar.

Also view our state-of-the-art, Digitally Displayed Calendar (note that the graphics change slowly, with new graphics appearing even after some have repeated). Available in our common areas and online, it's sure to prompt interest with its lively and useful information, including:

  • Weather reports
  • Daily activities calendar
  • Daily menu
  • Sampling of upcoming events
  • Interesting facts such as information about "this day in history," holidays and birthdays
  • Colorful photos and graphics


Windham NH senior living floor plans available at Windham Terrace.

Windham Terrace

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