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At Windham Terrace, we pride ourselves on participating actively in our local towns. This involvement has generated many print, TV and radio news stories. Please enjoy a sampling of stories below:

Gene DeCamp Reflects On Time Interpreting for the British Army during World War II

When reflecting on World War II, most people’s thoughts first drift to the military heroes who served to defend the rights of others. However, there are many memorable stories of everyday men and women who stepped up to protect their communities and those they loved. One such individual is Gene DeCamp, a resident of Windham Terrace Assisted Living, who at 19 years old served as a volunteer interpreter for the British 8th Army in his hometown of Lanciano, Italy. DeCamp moved from town to town with the British regiment, helping them communicate with the Italian army as they worked against the German occupation of the city. The son of Italian-American immigrants, DeCamp moved to Italy with his parents to be closer to extended family after his mother fell ill. As a dual citizen of the United States and Italy, DeCamp was uniquely qualified to assist Allied troops as they came into the area, and he was thrilled to have the opportunity to make a difference in the war. Recently, the Windham Independent helped us celebrate Gene for his acts of bravery.

Miniature Therapy Horses Visit Windham Terrace Assisted Living 

There's nothing like the feeling of interacting with an animal and experiencing the joy that comes from it's gentle response to affection. Recently we were delighted to welcome two miniature horses, Pearl and April, for a therapeutic visit with residents. Both horses have been trained from birth for therapeutic interactions. These visits can bring tremendous benefits to the residents’ health, positively impacting their mental and physical well-being. Additionally, many are able to reminisce about their previous pets and share stories. The visit was a hit with residents and even caught the attention of WMUR Channel 9, who shared photos with their viewers on air. 

Kathy Ivey Receives Windham Terrace Assisted Living Senior Service Award 

For the last 22 years, Kathy Ivey has spent time working with the Friends of the Library of Windham (F.L.O.W.) to benefit Nesmith Library in Windham, N.H. and expand literacy within the local community. Due to her dedication to giving back and willingness to serve others, Windham Terrace Assisted Living presented Ivey with the annual Windham Terrace Assisted Living Senior Service Award. The senior service award acknowledges the important work seniors do to give back to their community and is presented by Windham Terrace to a deserving senior volunteer who dedicates his or her time to benefit others. Additionally, Windham Terrace also recognized F.L.O.W. for the organization’s commitment to ensuring the availability of books, programming and other educational materials at Nesmith Library. Following the award ceremony, helped to further share Kathy's story and recognize her commitment to serving others.

Windham Terrace Residents Remind Others of the Importance of Friendship

Many studies have even shown the benefits of friendship on one's emotional and physical well-being. Because of the many changes that seniors face as they age, friendship is very important for older people. In many cases, friends are just as important as family. That's why eight years ago when Arthur Rother and Ralph Herzog met, they both knew they had found someone they could count on in the years ahead.  As the years have gone by, little has changed when it comes to their friendship. Both still take turns walking down the hall each morning to knock on the door to get the day and its adventures started. The Windham Independent recently shared how their friendship has given them each something to look forward to each day, and someone to talk and share with.

Age is Just a Number When it Comes to Being Active

It's common to find that as people age, they seek ways to remain active and improve their health and well-being. At 90, Jeanette L'Heureaux seems to have found the answer to feeling young at heart in the gentle exercises of Tai Chi. After years of learning the exercises and even instructing a class, the Windham Terrace Assisted Living resident has started teaching a weekly class for her fellow residents to help them improve their overall mental and physical health. WMUR recently came out to witness one of L'Heureuax's classes first hand and shared it with their viewers.

Barbara Coish Receives Senior Service Award

For the past 17 years, Barbara Coish has voluntarily managed the Town of Windham Senior Center and dedicated her time to helping serve seniors throughout the local community. Coish can be found at the senior center every Tuesday, Thursday and on the last Wednesday of each month running in and out as she works to ensure local seniors have access to the resources they need and continue to feel a sense of belonging and purpose in the community. Because of her dedication to serving others and willingness to put the needs of seniors first, Windham Terrace Assisted Living presented Coish with the annual Windham Terrace Assisted Living Senior Service Award.

Windham Firefighters Receive Homemade Valentine’s Day Goodies

To pay respect to local heroes for Valentine’s Day, Windham Terrace residents visited a local fire station with handmade heart-shaped cookies, granola and cards. It is important to the residents that they thank those who protect them daily and that they feel appreciated for all they do. The Pelham-Windham News shared this inspirational act with their readers. 

Windham Terrace Raises Awareness About Alzheimer’s

Residents, their families and staff members join together to raise awareness and participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. One Scarborough Terrace resident’s family member shares her thoughts about Alzheimer’s with the Union Leader newspaper in a compelling story.

Residents Bake Bread for Families in Need

The holiday season is a time to impact the lives of others, and residents at Windham Terrace are doing just that by baking dessert bread for area families. The residents are baking loaves of bread for 70 Christmas gift baskets, and it warms their hearts to make a difference. The Windham Independent ran an inspirational story about their good deeds.

Windham Terrace Presents Senior Service Award

Since retiring from teaching six years ago, local resident Valerie Bronstein has shown no signs of slowing down. With the desire to remain involved in the community and to continue to make a difference, Bronstein donates a large portion of her time to volunteering for The Woman's Service Club of Windham, an organization that contributes to the educational, cultural, and charitable needs of the local community. In addition, the club provides an opportunity for the women to form deep friendships and bonds while working toward the common good. Because of her commitment to give back to the community through her volunteerism, Windham Terrace Assisted Living presented her with the Windham Terrace Senior Service Award. The Woman's Service Club of Windham and Bronstein were each given a $500 gift from Windham Terrace as part of the award.

Music Is the Focus During National Assisted Living Week

Residents and their families celebrate National Assisted Living Week with numerous entertaining performers. Not only is it fun to listen to music, but it has healing power as well. The Salem Observer came out to see a tribute performance and included a very interesting story in the paper.

Windham Terrace Residents Bake Cookies

Being a teacher is one of the most challenging yet rewarding careers, and it comes with a great deal of responsibility. Just ask retired teachers and Windham Terrace Assisted Living residents 86-year-old Jane Takvorian and 89-year-old Eunice Boudreau. They impacted countless children’s lives during their combined 70+ years in the classroom, and they are pausing this week to thank today’s teachers for their dedication to such an important job. Takvorian and Boudreau hand-delivered apple-shaped cookies that fellow Windham Terrace residents made for area teachers at Golden Brook School and Windham High School. The seniors joined together to bake and deliver the cookies in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week. The nationally recognized week is a time to thank teachers for the sacrifices they make and the support they give to students throughout the year.

Windham NH senior living resident reading on the porch.

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